Provisional stenting of a bifurcation lesion in a patient with NSTEACS
– a case report

Maciej Lewandowski, MD, PhD
Clinic of Cardiology, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland

Patient J.K.,

  • 66 years old , male
  • Typical chest pain for 6 hours – initially diagnosed in another hospital and transferred after TnT results
  • No history of CVD
  • Hipothyroidism for 3 years (treated with L-tyroxin), TSH 0.079 IU/ml (N:  0.35-4.94), fT3 and fT4 within normal ranges
  • Previous smoker
  • hs TnT 1.410 ug/l (N: <0.014)
  • CK-MB 135 U/l (N: <24)
  • ECHO: Hipokinesis of basal 2/3 part of lateral wall,  hipokinesis of basal segment of the inferior wall, EF 45%

Bifurcation – case (pdf)